The board:

Board members:

Emmanuel Colyn, Chairman, Jeanine Leblanc, Tresory, Jan Hosten, Secretary


Ronny Devriendt, Jozef De Reuse, Bernard Noppe, Jan Coppieters,Karina Muylle, Jacky Vermeire, Marleen Eeckman

Jirawan Vongkallaya, delegate in Thailand

Members of the board :

Nadine Dobbelaere, Joyce Vanwelsenaere, Kyano Vanwelsenaere, Erald De Wachter, Agnes De Wachter, Sylvianne Kuppens, Bart Dewulf, Kyara Dewulf, Diether Verstraete, Robin Baillieul, Veronique Belligh, Letithia Bouguernine, Guido Van Moer, Viviane Gilles, Katrijn Van den Brande, Stella Maris,

Committee members in mind :

Prawet Kamsawang (1974 - 2003), Lucien Stevens (1946 - 2009), Wieber Ballegeer (1994 - 2021)

About Belgisaan :

Belgisaan is a non-profit organization active in Northeast Thailand (province Udon Thani). Our main activity is our sponsor programm for the poor students to let them continue their studies so that they can have a better future. Belgisaan has also many other projects in this province.


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