Since 1998 Belgisaan realize humanitarian project in North-East Thailand.

Scholarship & Food Program

The main activity of Belgisaan is the scholarship for the poor secondary students so that they can continue their studies and the Food Program for the primary students so that they can enjoy of a free daily lunch at school.
Belgisaan gave already more than 400 scholarship and more than 80 Food Programs. This helps not only the child but also the whole family.


Other projects

Belgisaan does also other projects as : renovation of schools, assistance and medical help to the poor people, school bus for students from isolated villages, organization of school trip, vegetable garden and chicken and pork project in schools, as well as a toilet and clean water project in a school, free distribution of clothes (coming from Belgium), food, drink water, toys and school materials.



About 4 x a year, Belgisaan goes to Thailand to check the sponsored students as well as to realize the projects.


Belgisaan in Belgium

In Belgium we have a lot of activities to find the sponsors for scholarship and to collect money for the projects.
We are also regularly in the schools, as well in Belgium as in Thailand, to compare the way of life of a student in the respective country.


The thank of the population in Thailand, the students who get their diploma, primary students who are happy and no more hungry, babies who get milk, food and assistance and are so more healthy, the smile of the children and people to us. This motivates the people of Belgisaan.